How To Stay Healthy While Travelling?

Many of you among us are fond of traveling and exploring new places, new cuisine, new culture and meeting new people. Obviously, everyone wants to remain healthy during their visits. In order to remain healthy, you need to eat healthily and adapt the environment of a new place. However, not all the places around the globe have healthy food. Often there isn’ t availability of pure water

 So the question is how to remain healthy while traveling?

You can’t stop traveling due to fear of getting sick. One very important thing you can do is to get information about the specific area. So you can take precautionary measures. Another important thing you can do is to research on the area through the website of l center of disease control.

Bacteria Basics

So all the travelers out there keep in mind that in order to avoid food poisoning you should have information in cooking food and problems associated with it. Good information for you is that bacteria grows within the interval if 40-140 degrees Fahrenheit and rises to about trillion in a number of just a single day. Bacteria is present in almost everything you touch for, e.g., your skin, underneath your nails, your purses, etc. They even live on animal food that you eat. It is also present in raw vegetables and fruits.Now you have got handy information on where bacteria lives. So while traveling you should avoid eating bacteria-contaminated food.

Not only food but also contaminated water can cause illness. Drinking such water or even using for brushing your teeth from it can cause illness.  You should not drink such water or even not use it for brushing. Avoid using ice made from such water. Instead, you can take tea or coffee and boiled water. Also, ice made from boiled water should be used.

What should you not eat?

Now the thing that you cannot eat let’s make a list of that. Below we have made a list of certain foods that should be avoided.

1) Undercooked food of any kind should be avoided

2) Don’t eat fresh vegetable salad because it might have been made from vegetables grown with contaminated water

3) Children are usually fond of street food and ice popsicles, but they should be avoided as well. Ice popsicle might have been made from contaminated water.

4) Don’t use unwashed or without peeling vegetables.

So the travelers should not eat food mentioned above and some others while traveling.

What should you eat?

We have discussed so much about what not eat. So the question arise as to what to eat? Following is the list of some things that you can eat:

1) Orderly made and hot food

2) Full boiled eggs

3) You should properly wash vegetables before eating and also peel them before eating

4) Daily products that are pasteurized can be taken

5) Shelled and nut foods are allowed.


If we follow the steps as mentioned above, we can remain healthy during traveling.