Get To Know About Sugar And Its Impact On Human Health

Bearing in mind the unhealthy outcomes of consuming high-fructose corn syrup, people are now looking for somewhat healthy substitutes. In spite of having other forms of sugars too, our body treats every kind of sugar in the same way. Therefore, apparently, no type of added sugar seems to be healthy for you.

Nutritive value of sugar:

By any name, Sugar is still only empty calories. It consists of 4 kcals in each gram but delivers no minerals, vitamins, or other nutrients that are needed by your body to work properly. Consumption of adequate amounts of sugar can lead you to a rapid increase in weight.

Rise and fall in blood sugar: In addition to weight gain, sugar is absorbed into our bloodstream quickly just after its consumption, consequently, reasoning a rise in blood sugar. But this quick rise rapidly gets lower reasoning you to crave for more sugar. On the flip side, carbohydrate contains no or minute amounts of sugar just like quinoa, or whole wheat items are absorbed in a slower rate thus, delivering energy for a longer time and avoid you to crave for sugar as well.

The impacts of Fructose 

Even though sugar items such as agave syrup are vended as health foods, there is something more to be discovered. In actual fact, nectars and agave syrups can comprise of more than 90% fructose. In the intervening time, the much belittled high-fructose corn syrup just includes nearly 55% fructose.

What does the research say?

It has been shown by the latest research that fructose possibly is the nastiest of all kinds of sugar, probably causing more cases of obesity as compared to other kinds. Fructose is fruit sugar; thus, you will likewise discover it in foods sugared with concentrates of fruits. Though, fresh fruits can still be considered as fine for the reason that they comprise of little quantities of fructose than treated sweeteners.

Fatty liver disease: Fatty liver disease can be reasoned through the use of fructose and is affecting nearly 1/3 of the Americans. This is for the reason that, fructose is broken down in the liver, the process of breaking it down yields free radicals and triglycerides that can be produced to a threatening level.

Chronic illness and obesity: You need to know one thing that no sugar can provide health benefits to you. Instead, they can cause an elevated risk of chronic illness and obesity. Fortunately, if you start to avoid sugar, you are not going to crave for it too much.

Consume shorter meals at regular intervals: All you have to do to avoid consuming ample of sugar is to have your meals at regular and shorter intervals. In this way, you can stay away from those hunger pangs in an easy way. Moreover, you can also opt for fruits in place of processed food to please your sweet tooth.

In one whole day, the recommended amount of sugar for females is 100 kcals, and 150 kcals is for males.